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What is Family Access?

Family Access from Skyward is a web based communication and information center designed to provide parents and guardians with the answer to "What did you do at school today?" Check grades, attendance, vaccinations, discipline and much more on line. If you already have an account, click Log in below. If you would like to sign up, click the Sign up for family access link below (YOU MAY ALREADY BE SIGNED UP - Read below) . FAMILY ACCESS IS FOR PARENTS/GUARDIANS OF STUDENTS. IT IS NOT FOR STUDENTS. PLEASE SEE THE STUDENT ACCESS LINK IF YOU ARE A STUDENT WHO IS INTERESTED IN STUDENT ACCESS.

You may already have Family Access.  To find out - click the Family Access linkabove.  Click the forgot username and password link under the log in box.  Enter the requested information.  If you get a message that your username and password have been mailed to you - you have family access.


                                      Wimberley ISD Family Access

Frequently Asked Questions


Started- General Account Information

Family Access                    General Information

What is Family Access?

Family Access is a web-based service that allows parents/guardians to view school-related information on their students from home or work. Information available online includes:

·         Student demographic (Pseudo changes) and emergency information

·         Attendance records by date and type of absence

·         Schedules/Assignment grades and course averages

·         Progress reports and grades o School lunch account information

·         Link to make a payments for Food Services

Information Source and Security

The information in Family Access is 'real time' based on data in the district's Skyward Student Information Management System.  However, remember that grades are 'fluid', and change daily/weekly as the teachers add assignments and grades to the system.

Family Access is password and user name protected. PLEASE KEEP YOUR PASSWORD AND USER NAME CONFIDENTIAL. In addition, Wimberley ISD has implemented strong encryption technology (SSL) that protects all data transmitted between your web browser and our web server. This is the same encryption system used by sites that accept credit cards numbers and other personal data that must be secure.

Internet Browser Requirements

Internet access from an Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as a dial-up or cable internet provider is required. Wimberley ISD does not provide internet access for home use.

Minimum requirements: Windows 98/2000/XP/7/10, Chrome or Firefox Browser

Will a Family Access account cost me money?

Family Access is provided as a free service of Wimberley ISD. There is no additional fee required in order to utilize the service.

How do I get a Family Access account?

When you enroll your child into the district part of the enrollment process is to assign you a Family Access account. If you were not available during enrollment to obtain your Family Access account information – Please click this LINK or go to http://www.wimberleyisd.net/forms/skyward/index.jsp in your web browser.

I have children at three different campuses. Do I need to fill out a Family access form for each campus?

No.  One Family Access user ID and password will provide you access to all your students, no matter what campus they attend. One application will get you access to all your children.

URL (Web) Address

The URL (or Web Address) for Wimberley ISD Family Access is:


A link to Family Access can also be found on the all campus' main web pages as well as the  main web page under the Parents/Online Grades link.

  • After receiving your Family Access account, below are answers to

         questions you may have.



Family Access

Frequently Asked Questions

My login or password doesn't work   

*Most of the time, when the log-in or password doesn't work, it is because it is difficult to recognize the difference between I (Larry) or I (ice) or the number 1 or O (orange) or zero in a User ID.

Please note that you have the ability to change your password in the Family Access system after you have successfully logged in the first time. We encourage you to change the password to something easier for you to remember.

*If you have notified the school of a name change, whether it is first or last, your log-in will change. Please contact the school for your new log-in.

I forgot my password...

If you have entered your e-mail address into the system, you can click on the "Forgot Your Login/Password" link on the log-in screen and retrieve your information. If you do not have an e-mail address in the system contact the Family Access campus contact at your child's campus and work with that person to get your e-mail setup and have an account reset link e-mailed to you.

Information is available for

another at a different campus.

Each campus makes the decision as to which tabs/information to make visible through Family Access. If one child's campus has chosen to show Attendance for example and the other has not, contact the Family Access contact where the information is not showing and ask when this might be made visible.

When I look at the grade for my child and then click the link on the number grade to see the assignments that make up that grade, I am not able to see the screen.

Each individual campus makes the decision about how much Grading information they show through Family Access. If your child's campus has chosen to show assignments, contact the Family Access contact and have that person log-in as you from their computer. If they can see the grade assignments, then the problem is not with the Family Access system or your Family Access account. You may need to check your internet browser settings so see if it allows pop ups. You also may need to contact your Internet Service Provider for additional help.

I cannot see the buttons for changing my password or updating my e-mail.

These buttons are located on the Account Info screen. If you cannot see them, the resolution on your computer display may be set too low. If you are set at 800 by 600, try changing the resolution to a higher setting (e.g. 1024 by 768). This should resolve your problem. If not, you may need to contact your computer manufacturer or operating system software support department.

How can I get my new email updated in the Family Access system?

Access click on the "Account Info" button in the top right. You'll be able to change your e-mail address at this point.

Can other people see my child's personal information on Family Access?

Family Access is password protected and uses SSI. Your child's information is only available to authorized parents or guardians that are associated with your child's records in our administrative system. Please safeguard your logon information as this would be another way to secure your information.

My secondary child received a Student Access account, do I need a Parent Family Access account since he/she has a Student Access account? What is the difference between the two accounts?

The secondary students have been given Student Accounts. What students can see through their accounts will be similar to what parents can see, but it will not be exactly the same. Although all secondary students will have Student Access accounts, parents should also apply for a separate account. Parents will have access to information that students will not have access to through Family Access.

Will my elementary student have a Student

Access account?

Only secondary level students have Student Access. Elementary students will not be assigned a Student Access account at this time.

My child is now going to a different campus from what he/she attended last year. Do I need to apply for a new Family Access Account at the new campus?

No. Your account is assigned to you and is not associated with a particular campus. Your active Family Access account is good at all campuses within Wimberley ISD, even if your child changes or is promoted to a new campus.

I have a new Kindergarten student this year. Do I need to fill out a new Family Access application so that child is added to our Family Access account?

No. Your Family Access account is active for all children, even new Kindergarteners, who attend Wimberley ISD. Your new child will be added to your active Family Access account without you having to request that they be added.

I received a Family Access Account and password last year. Do I have to apply for a new account every school year?

No. Once you have an active account it remains active into the next school years until you no longer have a child/children attending an Wimberley ISD campus.

I cannot see all of my children when I log in

Contact the Family Access contact at the campus of the child who you are not able to see in the system. Tell them your Family Access User ID and the child who is missing from your Family Access account. They should be able to combine your information so that you can see all of your children when you log-in.